What’s different about Lidl, you ask?

Lidl is a German-based grocery store with over 10,000 stores in 27 countries. Not bad for a company that started 1974 with just three employees and 500 products.

Welcome to America

In 2017, Lidl opened its first stores in the U.S.A., with 50 locations in the eastern states. Another 20 locations will be opened in 2018.

Lidl’s 50 U.S. Locations

Lidl store Map

Lidl store Map

What’s different about Lidl?

First of all, Lidl is seriously concerned about offering the best to its customers, and every product is carefully selected for itsĀ  high quality and low price.

In every Lidl store, quality wins over quantity. This means that customers don’t have to hunt through a myriad of different brands to find what they’re looking for. The shelves are stocked with only the best products at the lowest prices. That sure makes it easy!

Every Lidl private label product has undergone a rigid selection process, including quality testing.

Lidl partners with local and regional farmers and suppliers to bring consumers products from within their own regions. Of course, the suppliers must meet Lidl’s strict requirements for quality and price.


Looking for something new and different? Lidl continues to offer great foods from around the world, with something new every two weeks. Now, that’s something to look forward to!

If you’ve ever shopped at a Lidl store, you have likely noticed that most of the products –90 percent, in fact–are of their own private label. By providing direct oversight of their own products, Lidl ensures that consumers are getting the best product possible. Each product is subjected to rigorous testing for taste, quality and sensory testing.

We’re not just about food! Lidl keeps customers interested by offering a product assortment that changes twice a week. In addition to their grocery products, Lidl stores offer everything from small appliances and kitchenware, to clothes, toys, power tools, home decor and gardening supplies.

Keep it simple! Lidl foods are displayed in custom boxes. When the box is empty, it’s replaced with a full one. Now, that’s easier than displaying items one by one, and it greatly reduces the number of hours spent of stocking shelves. What’s best is that Lidl passes the savings onto you!

Gloria Sauve
Communications and Marketing

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