We’ll leave the light on for you: Motel 6 USA and Canada

Good,  clean, affordable lodging

The first Motel 6 was opened by Paul A. Greene and William W. Becker in 1962 in Santa Barbara, California. Paul and William were low-cost housing contractors, so they knew ins-and-outs of building a motel that would be affordable for the average traveler. Since the day Motel 6 opened its first 54-unit location, its mission has been to provide clean, comfortable rooms in a pleasant environment at the best price of any national chain.

Motel 6: 1,393 U.S. Locations

Motel 6: 32 Canada Locations

Designed to save you money

Greene and Becker carefully designed every aspect of their first Motel 6 to reduce running costs. For example, the Santa Barbara property did not have a dining room; shower stalls had rounded edges to eliminate scrubbing in corners; glasses were replaced with Styrofoam cups. Additionally, advertising for the motel was done on billboards, only.

By 1966 Motel 6 had an 84.9 percent occupancy rate, which far exceeded the national average of 67 percent. Greene and Becker, duly encouraged, continued to expand their motel chain.

Studio 6

As Motel 6 entered the 1990s, its rooms became a little more luxurious, but its prices remained the lowest in the budget motel industry.

In 1999, the company launched its extended-stay Studio 6 brand that offers weekly rates to travelers.

40th Anniversary

In 2002, Motel 6 celebrated its 40th anniversary and remained the leader in the economy motel industry. Today, Motel 6 continues to “leave the light on for us.”

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Communications and Marketing

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