Waffle House Store Map

Waffle House doors have no locks!

It was Labor Day weekend, 1955, when Waffle House opened the doors of its first restaurant in Avondale Estates, Atlanta. Since that day, Waffle House restaurants have been open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year–hence, the urban legend that Waffle House doors have no locks.

Today, there are 1,871 Waffle House locations

Waffle House store map

Waffle House store map


Waffle House prides itself on its down-home-friendliness and fast, hot and delicious food.
To add to the customer experience, Waffle House has its own jukebox music, written and recorded by
none other than the CEO’s wife, Mary Welch Rogers. Among the titles
are”Waffle Doo-Wop,” “Life Is Like a Cup of Coffee,” and “Why Would You Eat Your Grits Anyplace Else?”

Fun facts

Believe it or not, every year Waffle House serves enough grits to fill 86 semi-trucks, enough eggs to make
a 28-ton omelet  and enough bacon to stretch end-to-end from Atlanta to Los Angeles seven times? Wow,
that’s a lot of bacon!

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