Uniprix: It’s good.

July 5, 2020

In 1977, a group of independent pharmacists from across Quebec decided that they could increase their purchasing power by coming together under one common banner while retaining full ownership of their individual pharmacies. Today, there are 319 pharmacies under the Uniprix banner.

Uniprix’s 319 Store Locations in Canada

All of Uniprix’s 319 pharmacies are located throughout the province of Quebec, Canada. With a healthy turnover of well over $1 billion annually, the Uniprix Group employs close to 4,000 employees.

Uniprix is the largest group of
independent pharmacists in Quebec.

The head office of the Uniprix Group is located in the Saint-Léonard borough of Montreal, Quebec, and employs nearly 150 people.

Uniprix Stéphane Morin
Robert Boulevard,
Montréal, QC

In early 1997, Uniprix purchased all 53 branches of the Cumberland chain and sold 23 of them to the Jean Coutu Group. With the number of Uniprix pharmacies now at 190, this transaction moved the Uniprix Group into second place in the Quebec retail pharmacy market.

Uniprix’s own brand: Option+

The Uniprix Promise:
Innovative and effective products,
no compromise

In 2006, more than 140 Clinique Santé pharmacies joined the Uniprix Group. 

In 2017, the American company McKesson (the owner of Proxim) bought Uniprix.

The company’s mission is to offer personalized professional health and beauty products and services, at competitive prices.

Gloria Sauvé
Communications and Marketing

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