Tuesday Morning: Top-notch home décor. Rock-bottom prices.

Tuesday Morning, now there’s a name to remember.
In the early 1970s, founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Ross of Tuesday Morning was, at that time, working for Rathcon, Inc., a manufacturer and importer of gift merchandise. He could see that manufacturers need a way to dispose of their surpluses of high-end inventory. He had an idea.

Tuesday Morning’s 710 US Store Locations

Ross began purchasing unsold merchandise from leading manufacturers and selling it to retail stores. The profits were good! In fact, business was so good that Ross decided to have a “giant garage sale” on a Tuesday morning in a rented warehouse in north Dallas.

The sale was a megahit and all the proof Ross needed to start a business that would specialize in top-quality closeout products. He named the company Tuesday Morning because, in his opinion, “Tuesday morning is the first positive day of the week.”

What a sale! Customers came in looking for one thing and left with their arms full. With the success of his first Tuesday Morning sale, Ross cemented his reputation as a go-to resource for closeout merchandise.

Building on this initial success, Ross decided to offer consumers a four-sales-a-year schedule. For the first few years, he operated out of vacant warehouses and supermarkets, hiring new staff for each season. His sales quickly earned a faithful following. His customers loved his prices, selection and the suspense of wondering what treasures they would find at the next sale.

Whether it’s Tuesday morning or any other morning, Tuesday Morning is a great place to shop for home decor and more.

Not wanting to compete with retailers who might be selling the same merchandise at twice the price, Ross chose not to locate his Tuesday Morning stores in high-end malls. His style was a no-frills operation, targeted to upper-middle-class shoppers. His stores didn’t need expensive decorations, the merchandise itself set the mood.

Tuesday Morning has outgrown its humble garage sale beginnings, but their merchandise is still the same high-quality, low-priced items that shoppers love. Ridiculously low prices and incredibly high quality, that’s what you find at Tuesday Morning stores.

Gloria Sauvé
Communications and Marketing

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