True Value: one of the world’s leading hardware wholesalers

In 1948, John Cotter founded Cotter & Company, which was. The company was made up 25 independently-owned and operated retail hardware stores.

In 1963, Cotter purchased Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett, along with the True Value trademark, which had been a well known retail presence since 1932. Today, True Value has 3055 retail stores covering the entire
United States.

True Value Hardware’s 3055 U.S. Store Locations

The True Value Company‘s independent hardware retailers include True Value (hardware and home center stores), Grand Rental Station, Party Central, Taylor Rental (equipment and party rental), Induserve Supply (commercial supplies), Home & Garden Showplace (nursery and garden center stores). Additionally, there are a number of affiliate stores that purchase from True Value Company, but use their own identity.

True Value has 13 regional distribution centers and 2,500 associates. The corporate headquarters are located in the O’Hare neighborhood of Chicago

Under the leadership of CEO John Hartmann, today’s True Value Company is one of the world’s leading wholesalers. The True Value brand is recognized in more than 60 countries.

Home & Garden Showplace stores, started by ServiStar, help build the True Value Company’s garden center identity.  Today, there are over 260 independently owned Home & Garden Showplace stores across the United States. Each store purchases its merchandise through the True Value distribution centers and buys their plants through various True Value buying programs.

Just as a note, thee True Value Company hasover 4,000 independent retail locations worldwide.

Gloria Sauvé
Marketing and Communications

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