Tim Hortons USA: Where We’re at in 2020

October 11, 2020

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Last week I created a few charts to give you an overview of Tim Hortons in Canada. This week we’ll have a look at what’s happening with Tim Hortons in the U.S.A.

There are currently 632 Tim Hortons in the US, all of which are more or less clustered in the northeastern part of the country. Here’s a map showing where they are located.

Tim Hortons’ 632 U.S. Store Locations

This first chart shows how many Tim Hortons there are in each city. As we did last week, we again chose the top 30 cities. It looks like Columbus, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York, are pretty big coffee drinkers.

This next chart shows how many Tim Hortons stores there are per state, but this time I can only show you the 13 states that have Tim Hortons stores.

And, now, for the grand finale: the number of Tim Hortons stores per capita. I’ve just used the top three stores for this chart, given that the remaining states have very small numbers. (We know you Americans love your Starbucks). The chart below shows that in New York State, there is one Tim Hortons for every 8,348 people, and so on with the other two states.

StateStores per StatePopulationPer Capita
New York23319,450,0008,348

Who knows if Tim Hortons is planning to expand in the United States? If they do, that would be great for my American friends. If they don’t, all I can say is, to those of you Americans who love Tim Hortons, “enjoy you Double Double, eh, dude!

Gloria Sauvé
Communications and Marketing

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  1. Austin says:

    This is a fantastic overview! Such an informative deep dive.

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