Tesla Charging Sites Map USA and Canada

Tesla, the car of tomorrow…today!

Some would call it an evolution, but producers of electric vehicles (EV) are calling it a revolution. Tesla, the current leader in the production of electric vehicles, is speeding up the assembly process to make its Tesla 3 available to the masses by July 2017. Yep, that’s just two months from now.

Tesla charging stations, known as Tesla Superchargers,  are quickly becoming commonplace across the world. Have a look at the StatsMap, below, which shows the locations of the 2,556 Tesla charging stations in the U.S, and Canada’s 348 charging stations.

Tesla Charging Site Map USA and Canada

Tesla Charging Site Map USA and Canada

Tesla Charging Site Map USA and Canada

Tesla to double its charging stations in 2017

As it gears up for the Tesla 3 release, that global number of Tesla charging slots will double to more than 10,000 by the end of this year.

In addition to the Supercharger stations, Tesla also runs 9,000 Destination Chargers, which let owners charge their car’s battery pack at hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

Tesla’s rob0ts at work…could one of these be your next car?

As a testament to Tesla’s commitment to speed up production, the company has introduced over 467 robots into its production plants. At a cost of $50 K to $500 K each, Tesla is determined to make good on its goal of making the Tesla 3 available to drivers by this summer.

Have a look at the sleek lines of the Tesla 3, then scroll down to see the amazing new dashboard.

And that, folks, is the car of tomorrow…today!

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