Target Stores Canada Map

Americans may love their Target stores, but Canadians…not so much.

If Canadians had to pick a theme song for Target, it might be the Beatles’ “Hello, Good-bye.”

Target Corporation has just announced that it will immediately begin closing its 133 Canada locations. Within the next four or five months, there will be no sign that Target ever existed in Canada.

Target Stores – Canada Map

Excited by the huge media build-up in 2013, Canadians were practically breathless waiting for Target to open its doors. But, higher-than-expected prices and empty shelves have left Canadians frustrated and disappointed. I visited my local Target store here in Ottawa on two occasions, and both times I left empty-handed.

Obviously, Target just doesn’t know the Canadian market and they underestimated the competition–of course, I’m referring to Walmart–which does understand and cater to Canadians’ needs. Walmart’s almost 400 stores in Canada serve more than one million customers each day. Additionally, its online store,, is visited by over 250,000 Canadians daily. So, I guess Canadian shoppers will get along fine without Target.

The real sadness in Target’s departure from Canada is the 17,600 employees who will be looking for work. Target has, however, promised that each and every employee will receive a minimum of 16 weeks severance pay. Small consolation, but better than nothing.

Gloria Sauve
Director of Marketing

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