Stein Mart

August 16, 2020

Stein Mart is a U.S. discount department store chain based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Stein Mart’s 281 U.S. Retail Store Locations

In 1908, Russian Jewish immigrant Sam Stein opened his first Stein Mart Greenville, Mississippi. Following Sam’s death in 1932, his son, Jake, took over the company and redirected its focus toward discounted clothing.

The Stein Mart chain offered discounts of 25 to 60 percent off department store prices and by the 1970’s had become a leading retailer of family clothing in the Mississippi Delta.

A natural businessman, Jay Stein grew the Stein Mart chain from three stores in 1977 to 40 stores in 1990, and then to 123 stores
by the end of 1996.

Armed with demographic research regarding income, education and occupation, Jay carefully chose prime locations for new stores, with each one located in a community with a population of at least 125,000.

Scottsdale,Az/USA – 7.20.18: Stein Mart is an American discount men and women’s department store chain based in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 2002, Jay Stein stepped down as president and was succeeded by Michael D. Fisher. In 2007, Fisher stepped down and Fisher resigned and Linda McFarland Farthing was appointed as president and chief executive officer of Stein Mart. She resigned in 2008 and David H. Stovall Jr., served as CEO until 2011. In September Stovall announced his retirement and Jay Stein stepped back in as the interim CEO. Both Jay Stein and Michael Fisher continue to serve on the Stein Mart board.

In February 2020, Stein Mart delisted its stock from the public stock market, converting it back to private stock.

Inside Stein Mart

Stein Mart, Men’s Clothing Department,
Arlington, Texas

Looking for a special occasion outfit? Women can visit The Boutique at Stein Mart. For business and everyday fashions, women can shop at the Attitudes section of the store.

In addition to clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women, Stein Mart has a vast collection of housewares and
home décor fashions.

In 2010, Stein Mart began working with Perfumania and now offer a wide assortment of fragrances.

In October 2010, Stein Mart began offering online shopping with Ship from Store for shorter delivery times.

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