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On January 29, 2015: Walmart Canada completed its expansion plans for its fiscal year 2015 with the opening of 11 supercentres . These completed real estate projects bring Walmart Canada’s total store count to 394 stores, including 280 supercentres and 114 discount stores.

Walmart Canada Locations January 2015

Walmart Canada store map

Walmart Canada store map

But wait, there’s more…

Walmart, which ranks first on the Fortune 500 list of the world’s largest companies by revenues (a cool $473 billion in sales in 2014), says it plans to add yet another 29 new supercentre stores in Canada over the next 12 months, with openings scheduled for January 2016.

The expansion is expected to cost $340 million and create 3,700 construction jobs, 1,000 in-store jobs and 300 new positions at distribution centres.

The $340 million price tag will bring Canadian shoppers:

  • 29 new stores ($230 million)
  • more distribution centres ($75 million)
  • expanded online offerings ($35 million)

Walmart says the locations of specific store and distribution centre projects will be announced over the coming weeks and months as projects become finalized.

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