Sonic Drive-in Location Map

Sonic Drive-in: how did a burger restaurant get a name like, “Sonic Drive-in.”

Well, I guess when you’re one of the country’s biggest fast-food restaurants, serving 3 million customers every day, in 3,500 restaurants across 45 states, you have to be f-a-s-t–supersonic fast.

Ever wondered what 3,500 locations look like on a map? Check out the StatsMap, below, for a visual that will make you say, “wow!”

Sonic Store Map 3507 USA Locations

Sonic Store Map

Sonic Store Map


And, now for some fun and fascinating facts:

Oh, so it’s variety that you want? According to the Sonic company, they offer 168,194 drink combinations.

Have you ever gone swimming in Cherry Limeade? In one year, Sonic sells enough of this yummy drink to fill 50 Olympic-sized swimming pools. True story!

America’s Favorite Drive-in! Sonic is THE biggest chain of drive-in (not to be confused with “drive-through”) restaurants still in existence. Yep, a good, a old-fashioned drive-in restaurant, where friendly car-hops deliver you meal right to your car–on roller skates–and are happy to pick up your tray when you’re done eating.

Let’s face it, Americans love fast food and with Sonic’s huge variety of meal options, there’s something for everyone, any time of the day. Try it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, any time!

Gloria Sauvé
Communications and Marketing

3 Responses to “Sonic Drive-in Location Map”

  1. Dawn Dulebohn says:

    What about Sonic’s in Alaska?

    Also, are there any Sonic’s that still bring and leave a tray?



  2. Kiara says:

    Wow there’s a lot in the south!

  3. DM says:

    Wait, roller skate and tray? I haven’t seen a sonic with roller skates since 2009, and I travel for work in 13 states and almost always hit a sonic weekly. As for a tray, even when sitting at a table I have never been handed a tray ever.

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