Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity®

Who serves 700 million pancakes a year? Well, that would be IHOP. Yep, 700 million pancakes, 300 million cups of coffee and 20 million pounds of breakfast meat–that’s what IHOP serves in one year! Oh, and of course that includes the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity®.

Lucky Toluca Lake!
Back in 1958, in Toluca Lake, a suburb of Los Angeles, California, Al and Jerry Lapin, along with early investors Al and Trudy Kallis, opened the first International House of Pancakes that we all know, today, as IHOP.
IHOP Store Map

IHOP Store Map

IHOP U.S.A.’s 1696 Locations

IHOP Store Map

IHOP Canada’s 27 Locations

By 1960, the company began to expand by franchising and, in 1961 was publicly traded under the name, International House of Pancakes.

In 1963, after acquiring a number of franchised brands, the company adopted the name International Industries. The brands included International House of Pancakes, Orange Julius, Love’s Wood Pit Barbecue, Golden Cup Coffee Shops, The Original House of Pies, Wil Wright’s Ice Cream Shoppes, among others.


The year 1973 saw the introduction of the acronym, IHOP , and six years later, in 1979, the last of the signature A-frame IHOPs was built.

Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity®

The year 1985 was a big one for IHOP, when the
Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity was introduced.
This classic breakfast delivers two eggs, hash browns,
two strips of bacon, two pork sausage links,
two slices of ham and two pancakes
topped with whipped cream and
your choice of strawberry, blueberry
or apple-cinnamon compote.

IHOP: a growing concern

In 1992, the 500th IHOP restaurant opened and in 2001, the 1000th restaurant hit the scene in Layton, Utah.
IHOP had become such a favourite among diners that in 1993, the average sales per IHOP restaurant exceeded $1 million. By 1998 IHOP had system-wide sales of $1 billion.
Stuffed French Toast

Come hungry. Leave happy.

The award-winning advertising campaign, Come hungry. Leave happy, was launched in 2003 and, in the same year, IHOP introduced its scrumptious stuffed french toast. In 2004, the company won the prestigious Advertising and Marketing Awareness award for its creative Come hungry. Leave happy, advertising campaign.

Hello, Applebee’s
In 2007, IHOP acquired Applebee’s International, Inc. The two leading brands, together, became the largest full-service restaurant company in the world, with a whopping 3,300 restaurants.

IHOP 2018
What’s the pancake giant up to in 2018? Well, they just introduced IHOb, which stands for International House of Burgers.  These brand new Ultimate Steakburgers are made of 100% USDA choice, Black Angus ground beef. Now, that sounds pretty darn good!
(Note: IHOb is not a stand-alone restaurant, but the IHOb menu has been introduced into IHOP restaurants).

Gloria Sauvé
Communications and Marketing

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