Rexall Pharmacy

From apothecary type drugstores to modern chain of  pharmacies.

With 436 locations across Canada, Rexall and Rexall PharmaPlus stores are one of Canada’s largest pharmacy chains.

Rexall Canada’s 436 Store Locations

Rexall Pharmacy Store Map

Rexall Pharmacy Store Map

Rexall  and Rexall PharmaPlus Pharmacy have a history dating back to 1904. Tamblyn Drugs, which was also establishing itself at that time in Toronto, Ontario, eventually became Rexall Pharmacy.

Rexall and Rexall PharmaPlus locations have a combined staff of 8,600, all dedicated to providing their customers with products and services to help them live the healthiest life possible.

Today, Rexall and Rexall PharmaPlus stores offer customers such added conveniences as onsite flu shots and online prescription refills.

Rexall Specialty Pharmacy

Beyond providing prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, Rexall also operates Rexall Specialty Pharmacy, which provides highly specialized clinical care and complex medication management services in transitional care settings.

Rexall Health Solutions

As a long-term care pharmacy, Rexall Health Solutions offers medication management, palliative care and mental health services and support for residents of long term care, assisted living, group home and retirement communities.

IV Infusion Services

As part of the Rexall Health Solutions, IV infusion services are provided to patients in transitional care. Rexall’s highly trained pharmacists, in collaboration with prescribers and other health care specialists, offer coordinated delivery of medications, supplies and equipment.

Rexall is a member of the Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of McKesson Corporation.

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