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July 10, 2018

Ride my bike to work in a pair of dress pants? Oh, come on!

Don’t laugh, with Lululemon’s fabric known as, Warpstreme, you can be dressed for the office in clothing comfortable enough to work out in.

Lululemon Store Map

Lululemon Store Map

Lululemon’s 333 U.S. Store Locations

In the beginning…

The 1990s were the beginning of the yoga boom. Sill hugely popular today, women everywhere are getting fit in yoga classes and need comfortable and attractive athletic clothing.

Today’s multi-billion-dollar brand, Lululemon Athletica, Inc., started off in a tiny Vancouver shop that offered women fashionable athletic clothing that was perfect for the gym, yoga class or running.


While Lululemon is known for athletic apparel and leggings–weekend wear–but they also want consumers to be comfortable all week long. Can you imagine clothes that don’t wrinkle, stink or stain? Well, that’s exactly what Lululemon’s research and development labs are working on.

For example, their five-pocket ABC pants for men, look like and feel like regular woven dress pants, but they’re actually a comfortable knit fabric. Just in case your riding your bike to work, these pants have a zippered back pocket for you phone. And, for women, Lululemon will start selling a version of these pants in the fall.

The new commuter-wear brand is available in blazers, chinos, shirts and so much more. If you have a long, hot commute to the office, be it on foot, bike, public transport or your car, check out the commuter-wear line. It’s all about comfort, style and durability.

NOTE: Red Lion Data is neither advertising nor promoting Lululemon products. Rather, we are merely sharing some interesting facts about today’s athletic wear. Lululemon is just one of many other great producers of athletic wear and readers are encouraged to shop around to find the products that best suit their needs.

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