Londis: Local like you.

February 3, 2024

Londis is a symbol group in the United Kingdom with 1,829 stores nationwide. A symbol group is a form of franchise of convenience shops, found primarily in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They do not own or operate shops but act as suppliers to independent shops, trading under a common banner.

In 1959, Kevin Stanley-Adams established a communally owned company, with each retailer owning a share in the parent company.

There are 1,829 Londis convenience stores in the United Kingdom.

The name Londis is a contraction of “London District Stores.”

In 2004, after 45 years in business, the parent company was sold to the Irish Musgrave wholesale chain, bringing it under the same ownership as Budgens. Each retailer who owned a stake in the company was paid £31,000.

This acquisition did not go smoothly. Members revolted and counter offers were received from several others who were backed by Icelandic banks. Musgrave Retail Partners GB Ltd., a separate, but wholly owned subsidiary company, was formed to supply the stores until it was sold to Booker Group in 2015.

In 2015, Musgrave Group sold Budgens and Londis for £40 million to the wholesaler Booker Group, subject to regulatory approval.

Tesco plc acquired Booker Group in 2018.

Gloria Sauvé