Feel like a taco?

Ever heard of Bell’s Drive-in 0r Taco Tia?

Back in 1954, Bell’s Drive-in and Taco Tia were Glen Bell’s first restaurants, located in the San Bernardino area of California.

Fast forward to 1962 and the opening of Glen Bell’s Taco Bell restaurant in Downey, California. Back then, he was serving what his customers called, Tay-Kohs.

Taco Bell Store Map

Taco Bell Store Map

Today, in 2018, there are 7,122 Taco Bell locations across the USA.

Time to franchise

In 1964, retired L.A. policemen, Kermit Becky, became Taco Bell’s  first franchisee, opening a restaurant in Torrance, CA. Over the next three years, more and more entrepreneurs came looking for a Taco Bell franchise, bringing the total number of locations to 100.

The number of locations just soared over the next few years until, in 1970, Taco Bell went public with 325 restaurants locations.

As 1978 rolled in, Glen Bell sold 868 restaurants to PepsiCo Inc., and became PepsiCo shareholder.

As time rolled on, Taco Bell introduced new and innovative ideas such as, in 1989, when Taco Bell  linked fast-food promotions with blockbuster movies. Its “Batman” promotion was a huge success and proved to be a great marketing tool for the restaurants.

And, now for something completely different!

Would you believe that, in 2012,Taco Bell sent 10,000 Doritos Locos Tacos by helicopter to the remote town of Bethel, Alaska? It’s true!

In keeping with new technology, in 2014, Taco Bell launched the Taco Bell Mobile Ordering and Payment App, making ordering easier than ever for customers.

Today, select markets across the country enjoy Taco Bell delivery and the Tacobell.com is huge hit.

Taco “merch”

In addition to Taco Bell fine food, consumers can also choose from a selection of merchandise to show off their Taco Bell-ness, with everything from clothing, accessories and gift cards. Need a set of champagne goblets for your wedding? How about a dozen Titlelist ProVI golf balls? Taco merch has it all!

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