Welcome to the FAQ page

Q:After purchase, how is the data delivered to me?

A:Once the order is processed–usually, in less than a minute–you`ll receive an email confirmation. This email will also include a download link to download the CSV(s) files you have purchased.

Q:How often is Red Lion data updated?

A:Our data is typically updated every three months. When browsing our data you'll see an “Updated” time stamp. If you need an “up-to-the-minute” list, please contact us and we'll update the data (typically same day).

Q:How accurate is Red Lion Data?

A:Our location data comes directly from the retailer (business) locator service and is, therefore, highly accurate. Additionally, the data is subjected to strict quality control before it is made available in our catalog. This means you can count on accuracy!

Q:In what file format is Red Lion data?

A:The data is in CSV format. This data can easily be imported into Excel or any database or application. For detailed information on CSV files see this this Wikipedia article.

Q:Can I get access to all the data in your catalog?

A:Yes, we offer special pricing to customers who wish to have access to our entire catalog. Please contact us for a price quote.

Q:Can I subscribe to Red Lion Data?

A:Yes, we offer yearly subscriptions. An annual subscription includes access to:
- All data in our catalog
- All updates to the data (typically updated every three months)
- All new data–our data catalog grows every day–well over 100 data sets every month
- Premium Tech Support – two-hour turn-around during business hours

Q:If can’t find a list or data I really need, can Red Lion Data get it for me?

A:Yes! If Red Lion doesn't have what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll gladly get it for you–usually, within one business day. We do, however, have a comprehensive catalog of USA and Canada data, so chances are we will have what you want.

Q:Can I use Red Lion data to create a mobile app?

A:Absolutely. Our data is widely used by developers to create innovative mobile applications.

Q:What is the License or Terms Of Use for Red Lion Data?

A:You can view the complete Terms of Use here. It`s very simple: you may use the data in any way you wish but you may not sell the data.

Q:Do you have historical location datasets for retailers?

A:Here, at Red Lion Data, we keep meticulous records of all the retail location data we collect. This allows us to provide our customers with historical data sets for all of our retail locations. Our historical data goes back to 2011. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote.