Electrify America: Investing in an electric future

May 15, 2021

Electrify America’s 750 public fast-charging stations in the U.S.

Electrify America is the largest public fast-charging network in the U.S.

Formed in 2016 and based in Reston, Virginia, Electrify America LLC offers energy management solutions. By offering a fast and convenient charging network, Electrify America promotes the rapid growth of Zero-Emission Vehicles. Electric cars mean no more vehicle-produced emissions.

ZEVs–Zero-Emission Vehicles: electric cars are here and the number of them on the road grows daily.

Electrify America works with local, state and national organizations,
as well as car manufacturers to promote awareness of zero-emission vehicles.

As of Novembr 2020, Electrify America, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America, had more than 500 charging locations and over 2,200 individual charging units across the United States.

The Electrify America brand was unveiled in January 2017 and its first fast-charging station opened in May 2018, in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Electrify America has multi-location agreements with such organizations as Walmart, Target and Simon Property Group. Its stations are frequently located in parking lots and parking garages of big-box stores and shopping malls.

Electrify America stations feature the major nonproprietary standards CCS, CHAdeMO and J1772, which allow nearly all EVs on the road today to plug in and charge. Tesla vehicles require a special adapter that allows them to use CHAdeMO.

Electrify America currently has agreements with various manufactures, including Volkswagen, Audi, Harley Davidson and Lucid Motors, for their electric vehicles to use its network of chargers or provide discounted charging rates or free charging.

By December 2021, Electrify America expects to have about 800 stations with approximately 3,500 fast chargers. The company is also building a charger network in Canada called, Electrify Canada and added a commercial section in January 2021 targeting business, utilities and government agencies.

Drivers can find fast-charge stations through Electrify America’s website, smartphone applications and through networks like PlugShare. They can pay for electricity through the phone apps or with a credit card at the chargers. The Electrify America mobile app lets users pay through their phone and receive discounted rates with an Electrify America Pass+ subscription.

As of November 2020 the network’s chargers support Plug & Charge, a standard that enables an electric car to talk to the charger and handle authentication and billing.

The chargers support 50kW, 150kW, or 350kW.

Gloria Sauvé
Communications and Marketing

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