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At the tender age of 18, Dick Stack worked at an Army/Navy store in Bingham, New York.  The owner asked Dick to look into the idea of expanding the product line to include fishing and camping supplies. Dick did just that, but the owner turned down his ideas, telling him that he would never succeed as a merchant.

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Dick told his grandmother about this experience and she promptly told him to follow his dreams. She handed him $300 which he used to rent a storefront and open the first Dick’s fishing supply store on Court Street in Bingham, New York. 

By the mid-1950’s, Dick’s product line had expanded to include general sports merchandise.  As the 1960’s rolled in, Dick was ready to build and open the first Dick’s Sporting Goods store.  The store prospered, and Dick eventually opened a second store in Vestal, New York. Dick Stack headed the organization until he retired in 1984.

Upon his dad’s retirement, Dick son, Eddie, took over leadership of the company and began to rapidly expand the business.  He started full-time with the company in 1977, and gradually worked his way up through clerical positions, merchandise manager, store manager and finally, president. He has served as chairman and chief executive officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods since 1984.

In the early 1990s, Dick’s opened stores across upstate New York and, in 1994, Dick’s headquarters moved from Bingham, New York to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

In January 2016, Dick’s launched Team Sports HQ, a program of services for youth sport leagues. The program offers access to donations and sponsorships; online registration and team/league websites; a mobile app that allows teams to schedule and communicate with each other; custom uniforms and FanWear.

In 2013, the company began using a ship-from-store platform for online orders. This means that the company has a detailed inventory for every store, and pulls new and used inventory from a local store to fulfill online orders to reduce shipping costs.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Binghamton not Bingham.

  2. I visited Dick’s a couple weeks ago to order a bosu ball which I used in my Physical Therapy sessions. I was assisted by staff ordering on their computer. I received my bosu ball in a few days and love it. I needed help during these COVID time staying active and flexible. Thanks Dick’s for your assistance and I love my Bosu Ball

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