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Costco members remain loyal, but we knew they would.

Have you noticed fewer cars in the Costco parking lots, these past few weeks? No? Me, neither.

It’s only been a short seven weeks since Costco and American Express broke up, after going steady for 16 years.  As of June 16, of this year, amid a frenzy of complaints from its members, Costco began its partnership with Citi Visa…and customers were furious!

This morning, as I stood among dozens of other Costco aficionados, I realized that there’s little, if anything, Costco could do that would turn away its die-hard customers. I mean, where else can you buy 48 rolls of toilet tissue in one heavy and unmanageable package, along with a 50″ flat screen television, a new pair of jogging pants, a 40-pack of 40 AA batteries and a garden swing–all in one store? Let’s face it, Costco’s got us in the palm of its multi-billion dollar hand, and we are its willing captives.

Costco Store Map USA

Costco Store Map USA

Costco Store Map USA

Costco Store Map Canada

Costco Store Map Canada

Costco Store Map Canada

If you’ve been longing to have a Costco store in your neck of the woods, check out the list of new store openings in August 2016:

–Columbia, SC
–NW Columbus, OH
–East Calgary, AB (Canada)
–Wembley, UK
–Lawrence Township, NJ
–Louisville, KY
–Orlando Business Centre, FL

These are just a few of the 32 new store openings that Costco announced on September 30, 2015.  With two Costco stores in Spain and one opening in France in 2017, there’s just no stopping this big-box giant! That said, the Costco store that I’m most excited about is the one scheduled to open in my neighbourhood of Ottawa, Canada, this November–just in time for my Christmas shopping!

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  1. Sherri says:

    Can you please tell me if Costco intends on opening any Costco stores in the Algarve? Especially in or around Faro, Portugal?

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