Coffee drinkers, arise!

July 16, 2018

Wake up and smell the coffee, folks!


I was having a look back at some of the articles we posted here on Red Lion Data over the past few years and came across one on Tim Horton’s and Starbucks, published in October 2013. In that article, we were comparing the number of Tim Horton’s in Canada with the number of Starbucks in the United States to see “who liked their coffee more.”

As it turned out, we Canadians out-coffee’d our American neighbours by a country mile! Back then, the population of Canada was 35 million and there were 3,422  Tim Hortons locations in Canada, that’s one coffee shop for roughly every 10,000 Canadians. Today, July 2018, the population of Canada has risen by just under 2 million and, with 4,183 Tim Horton’s locations in Canada (a growth of about 20 percent), that puts us at one Tim Horton’s for roughly every 8,833 Canadians. Now, that’s what I call coffee-drinking!

Tim Horton’s, 4,183 Canada locations

Tim Horton Store Map

Tim Horton Store Map

Looking at our U.S. friends, back in October 2013, the population of  the United States was 316 million and there were 11,175 Starbucks locations, which meant there was one Starbucks for roughly every 28,000 people. Today, the population of the United States has risen to 326,766,748 and, with 14,057 Starbucks locations (a growth of about 20 percent), that means there’s one Starbucks for roughly every 23,246 people.


Starbucks U.S.A. 14,057 locations

Starbucks Store Map

Starbucks Store Map

So, although Canadians still slurp up more coffee than our American friends, both Tim Horton’s Canada and Starbuck’s U.S.A. have grown by about 20 percent in the past five years.

As they say, “it’s coffee o’clock, somewhere!”

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