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Chipotle’s Mexican Grill: more good things coming your way in 2017

At Chipotle’s, good, fresh, nutritious food is no accident, it’s a commitment. Every ingredient in a Chipotle’s dish is the best quality money can buy. Vegetables and meat are sourced from farmers, rather than factories. By using only fresh, raw ingredients, with no fillers or additives, every meal served up at Chipotle’s oozes freshness and flaunts flavour.

With 2,128 locations across the United States, Chipotle’s has become a household name.

Chipotle USA Locations

Chipotle store map

Chipotle store map

Chipotle’s plans for 2017 include opening between 195 and 210 new store locations. A new interior concept that will improve customer flow and provide better seating options is currently being tested. As well, customers will soon be able to use a tablet to order their food in the restaurant right from their table–no more waiting in line. Lots of great things coming up for Chipotle customers!

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  1. ben says:

    please consider putting a chipotle in prince albert, saskatchewan, canada. there are two main high schools in this city, full of kids that go out for lunch every day. We are all so tired of the places we have and i just know a chipotle would do great. If not in prince albert, then maybe saskatoon?

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