Benjamin Moore: Intelligence, Industry and Integrity

Calsom Finish…huh?

Back in 1883, Benjamin and Robert Moore opened a company called Moore Brothers in Brooklyn, New York. With just $2,000 to their name and a single product called Moore’s Prepared Calsom Finish, they began selling through independent retailers.  Within a year, they introduced a unique wall and ceiling finish called MURESCO which, over the years became a household name and even found its way into Webster’s Standard Dictionary.

Benjamin Moore’s 4026 U.S. Locations

Benjamin Moore USA Store Map

Benjamin Moore USA Store Map

Benjamin Moore’s 788 Canada Locations

Benjamin Moore Canada Store Map

Benjamin Moore Canada Store Map


Benjamin Moore believed the core values of the company should be Intelligence, Industry and Integrity.

In 1925, the Triangle M logo was developed by L.P. Moore. It signifies the three “I’s” and is still worn by Benjamin Moore employees on their service pins.


On September 7, 1906 the Canadian company was incorporated. It was truly a family business, with Benjamin Moore as president and Fred Moore, Benjamin’s half brother, as Treasurer and managing director of the Canadian subsidiary. In 1937, Fred became the first Canadian residing president, laying the groundwork for what is now Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited. The company was established in Toronto, Ontario and warehouses were opened in Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon and Vancouver during the 1920’s.

The company continued to flourish, and in 1953, a fully equipped factory was built in Montreal, with another one following in 1962 in Burnaby, British Columbia.

In 2000, the North American Company reorganized manufacturing. After 94 years in production, the Toronto plant was discontinued and the Burlington, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec manufacturing facilities were expanded.

In December 2000, Benjamin Moore & Co. was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a holding company chaired by Warren E. Buffett.

As the economy changed rapidly, the company remained focused on providing quality paint products and expert advice to their customers. The Company remains competitive in today’s marketplace as The Colour Experts, a claim that traces back to the company s first spokesperson, Betty Moore, in the 1950’s; the introduction of Moor-O-Matic custom colours in the 1960’s; and Moore’s Colour Matching System in the 1970’s, a world first!

This year, Benjamin Moore was recognized as Canada’s most trusted brand of paint, according to research and a public opinion poll conducted by Readers Digest and Ipsos-Reid Canada.

Research and Development

In 10 laboratories in the company’s 80,000 sq. ft. Technical and Administrative Centre, more than one hundred chemists, chemical engineers and technicians work at developing new products.

All in all, not bad for two guys with $2000 and an idea!

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