Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings

Arby’s Roast Beef and Buffalo Wild Wings

Fast-food restaurant chain, Arby’s,  announced that it has acquired Buffalo Wild Wings–B-Dubs, as its fans call it.  Known for its roast beef sandwiches, fries and shakes, Arby’s closed the deal with a $2.9 billion cash payment.

Buffalo Wild Wings, one of America’s most successful dining restaurant companies, has more than 1,250 locations; Arby’s, 3,300. Together, they have cornered the market on meats and sauces, with a combined offering of beef, elk, venison, deep fried turkey and chicken wings. Add to these, Arby’s full selection of sauces, including horsey, honey mustard, barbecue and spicy three pepper, while B-Dub has a lineup that includes more than 20 varieties.

Arby’s store map

Arby’s store map

3260 Arby’s U.S. Locations

1201 Buffalo Wild Wings U.S. Locations

Buffalo Wild Wings store map

Buffalo Wild Wings store map

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