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Isn’t it surprising that Apple, which sells billions of dollars worth of electronic devices every year, has only 267 retail outlets across the USA?

Well, actually, it’s not surprising at all. To quote the late Marshall McLuhan, Canadian media guru of the 1960’s, “the medium is the message.” We are, after all, living in the Digital Age, and shopping online has become a part of our lifestyle–especially for electronics.

Apple USA, 267 Retail Stores

Apple store map

Apple store map

Free on-hour workshops!

As Apple’s product line expands, so too does its customer services. If you own an Apple product, you’re are likely familiar with the online Apple support groups. But, did you know that Apple stores offer free one-hour workshops on all of their products? The workshops are for people of all ages and experience levels. Apple also offers their very popular youth programs like Apple Camp and Field Trip.


Apple Trivia: Why is there a bite out of the apple?

It’s there for scale, so that a small Apple logo still looks like an apple and not a cherry. 


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