AMC Theatres Store Map

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AMC Theatres was established by brothers, Maurice, Barney and Edward Dubinsky in 1920, when they bought the Regent Theater on 12th Street in downtown Kansas City, MO, and named it Durwood Theaters. To date, there are 652 AMC Theatres in the U.S.A.

652 AMC USA Theatre Locations

AMC Theatres Store Map

AMC Theatres Store Map

The three brothers used to travel to the Midwest to perform melodramas and tent shows with Jeanne Eagels, a successful Broadway actress and former Ziegfeld Follies girl. She was married to Maurice from 1925 to 1928, before she passed away in 1929 of a drug overdose.

With his army service behind him, and following the death of his father, Edward’s son, Stanley, took over the family business in 1961. During the incorporation process, he  changed the name of the theater to AMC (American Multi-Cinema, Inc.), and began converting large single screen theaters into smaller buildings with several auditoriums, thus establishing the world’s first multiplex cinema. His goal was to give movie goers more viewing choices. The AMC’s multiplex format has revolutionized the movie theater industry and AMC has become the country’s second largest chain of movie theaters.

In 2012, Wang Jianlin, the billionaire Chinese real estate developer and China’s richest man, acquired the AMC Theatres for $2.6 billion.  His Dalian Wanda Group Co. operates hotels, department stores and cinemas and has a fortune valued at $22 billion.

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