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Aldi giving Walmart and Kroger a run for their money!

ALDI, founded by the Albrecht family, opened its first store in Germany in 1961, making it the first discount store in the world. Since that time, the Aldi family of stores has grown to include 665 locations in the UK (with almost half of those popping up in the past three years) and 1540 US locations in 34 states in the US. And, here’s the real kicker, by 2018, ALDI’s US stores will number 2000, as they open their doors to 650 new locations, including Southern California.

Should Walmart and Kroger be worried?

Should Walmart and Kroger be worried?

In a word, yes. Although these two giants combined take a third of the market share, ALDI’s popularity and aggressive expansion plans are giving them a run for their money.

What’s making ALDI so popular with consumers?

First, the ALDI business model  is simple: no frills, high quality, low prices and a quick in-and-out shopping experience for its customers. The other difference is that the average size of an ALDI store is 16,500 sq ft, compared with Kroger’s 61,000 sq ft and Walmart’s 104,000 sq ft. With only four or five aisles in each store and fewer brands to choose from, ALDI shoppers cut their shopping time dramatically. In today’s fast and furious world, saving time as well as money is a great incentive to shop ALDI.

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  1. Anita Carpenter says:

    I absolutely love to shop Aldi when visiting my son in St. Augustine, FL and when visiting my daughter in Franklin, TN. We also shop Aldi when traveling in our RV. The sad part is that I live in New Mexico & we need an Aldi in Alamogordo, NM. I would travel the 45 miles at least once a week to buy all my groceries. Please Aldi…put your first New Mexico Aldi in Alamogordo. Please, please, please!

  2. Penny Kane says:

    When can we have a store in Utah?

  3. Penny Kane says:

    When can we have an Akdi in Utah?

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