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February 16, 2017

Aldi giving Walmart and Kroger a run for their money!

ALDI, founded by the Albrecht family, opened its first store in Germany in 1961, making it the first discount store in the world. Since that time, the Aldi family of stores has grown to include 665 locations in the UK (with almost half of those popping up in the past three years) and 1860 US locations in 34 states in the US. And, here’s the real kicker, by 2018, ALDI’s US stores will number 2000, as they open their doors to 650 new locations, including Southern California.

Should Walmart and Kroger be worried?

Aldi Store Map USA

In a word, yes. Although these two giants combined take a third of the market share, ALDI’s popularity and aggressive expansion plans are giving them a run for their money.

What’s making ALDI so popular with consumers?

First, the ALDI business model  is simple: no frills, high quality, low prices and a quick in-and-out shopping experience for its customers. The other difference is that the average size of an ALDI store is 16,500 sq ft, compared with Kroger’s 61,000 sq ft and Walmart’s 104,000 sq ft. With only four or five aisles in each store and fewer brands to choose from, ALDI shoppers cut their shopping time dramatically. In today’s fast and furious world, saving time as well as money is a great incentive to shop ALDI.

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89 Responses to “Aldi USA Store Map”

  1. Anita Carpenter says:

    I absolutely love to shop Aldi when visiting my son in St. Augustine, FL and when visiting my daughter in Franklin, TN. We also shop Aldi when traveling in our RV. The sad part is that I live in New Mexico & we need an Aldi in Alamogordo, NM. I would travel the 45 miles at least once a week to buy all my groceries. Please Aldi…put your first New Mexico Aldi in Alamogordo. Please, please, please!

  2. Penny Kane says:

    When can we have a store in Utah?

    • Rachel Ellison says:

      YES, please come to Utah! Huge growth! Lots of tech jobs. People are very frugal here- Aldo would explode!!!

    • Meg Jackson-Drage says:

      Shopped at Aldi’s when living in the Midwest. Moved back to Utah and would LOVE to have them here. I do think they would do well in Utah.

      • Janne Gee says:

        Please, please come to Utah. We moved from the Dallas metroplex. Boy, do we miss Aldis. You have no idea the growth potential here. Bottom line, large families equals a green bottom line for you. Good work force. Lots of colleges here. Utah needs you. Please consider this gold mine potential.

    • Janne Gee says:

      Yes please , Utah. Utah is the home of the LARGEST COSTCO in tbe US. If they can have their feasible studies show that this is a good area, it should be a good incentive for Aldis to come here. Please look into it. Thanks!!

  3. Penny Kane says:

    When can we have an Akdi in Utah?

  4. Jeremy Cares says:

    We would love Aldi to come to Lubbock, TX. I promise you that it would get amazing business.

  5. Brenda says:

    We would love to see Aldi come to Newport, Oregon

  6. Dee says:

    Are there plans for an Aldi’s, in Albuquerque New Mexico?

    • Tracy L Douglass says:

      Yes! We need an Aldi’s in Albuquerque or Bernalillo, New Mexico! You would have a lot of business especially in the Bernalillo area due to all the surrounding communities! Going to stay hopeful!

  7. Carly Little says:

    Need them in Northwest of Washington State

  8. Billy D.Bateman says:

    Yes, we need an Aldi in Alamogordo, NM. There is not even one in NM. Alamogordo have a big Military base too. Lot of people from another Countries there too and a lot of German People. Moved from East Texas 3 Years ago to NM and I miss to shop at Aldi. Would drive the 70 miles. I try to order by Aldi, but you don’t ship anything. Would be nice you would.
    Please let me know when you consider to put at store in Alamogordo, NM

  9. "Patiently waiting!" says:

    Every time I’d go over seas to Scotland, we’d go to ALDI.
    I live just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    We’d LOVE one in ABQ!!!
    ***When do you believe that one would be built here?***
    I just read that people in Alamogordo, NM would like a store.
    You see? New Mexico is ready, willing & able! LOL

  10. Libby says:

    We need an ALDI or 10 in Maine!!!

  11. I live in Washington state in the city of Bonney Lake, part of the Seattle area.

  12. I live in Bonney Lake, part of the Seattle, washington metropolis. This whole area could really use some Aldi stores. Give our Fred Meyers a run for the money…..we are a large area.

  13. Julia says:

    We live in South Georgia, and would love to have an Aldi store near Valdosta area. We used to shop at Aldi stores all the time in Washington DC area. They were our favorite grocery stores. Here we have to drive hours to find an Aldi store. When can Aldi opens a store here? Our area could definitely use an Aldi store.

    • Zulfiya Stokes says:

      I hope someone reads these comments! I’m so used to having three stores around me within 10-15 minutes drive… Now that we moved, how I wish they had one here in Valdosta!!!

  14. Stacey Christensen says:

    Please come to Utah! Lots of big big families could really use an aldis. Please Mahe Utah the home of the next aldis.

    • Bert says:

      I could not imagine a typical sized Aldi in Utah. Mormon Moms with their 10 kids in tow. Awesome. Not.

    • Janne Gee says:

      Excuse Bert kind of a mean statement. LDS families here in Utah or Idaho. We need an Aldis. I would be willing to drive 40 or 50 miles from the nearest store. It would give the local stores a little competition. The closest store is clear in Ca. That’s not even remotely close. Please build one here.

  15. Rudi Foerch says:

    Please open an Aldi in Kitchener – Waterloo Ontario Canada . 80 % Europs
    We love to Shop at Aldi in Germany . Super

  16. Alexis Stetina says:

    PLEASE come to New Mexico! I am moving there from WI and am going to miss it so much! I have been shopping there my entire life and need to continue.

  17. Gisele king says:

    We are moving out west and I don’t see any Aldi’s. I love the store. We will be in Montana, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming . Will there be some stores opening soon in these areas?
    Don’t know if I can live without. Great store. If not right now could you tell me what stores are comparable?

    • Ashley says:

      Yes! Trader Joes is owned by the same family(brother situation) that owns Aldi. Of course Trader Joes may seem a little more exotic in taste, but overall, Trader and Aldi = same fam.:)
      -former Aldi worker

  18. Arlene says:

    I grew up with Aldis in Indiana but live in Tucson Arizona, please build one here! It would be wildly popular! Why is Aldi hating on the west half of the USA?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Right? We are in eastern Washington in the Spokane area. Closest thing we have is a Grocery Outlet and they are subpar compared to Aldi. Aldi would make Safeway, Rosauers and Fred Meyer (Kroger) a reason to have more competitive pricing.

  19. Waiting in AZ says:

    Waiting, not very patiently for one to come to the desert Southwest, preferably in Tucson, AZ or the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.

  20. John says:

    Does ALDI have any plans to come to Canada . Would love to see this happen. Especially Ontario.

  21. Julie says:

    I want to retire in the west but cannot because there’s no Aldi 😭

  22. KEN says:

    When will you be opening an Aldi in Tucson Arizona? This store would be a great store for this area.

  23. Kathy says:

    When are you putting an Aldi in Tucson. Please we need you there!

  24. Jeanne says:

    We would love an Aldi in Montana! Preferably Butte, MT. Please, please, please

  25. Andre Margaux says:

    I am looking for a complete list of Aldi distribution centers in the USA

  26. Sue says:

    We need an Aldi store in metro Phoenix soon. Frys, Safeway & WalMart need the competition! I have no doubt it would be successful as well as give consumer great bargains!

  27. Judith Dudlicek says:

    We are moving to Boise, ID later this year. Will we be finding an Aldi store there soon? We absolutely love Aldi stores. Thanks.

  28. Kelsy Pickell says:

    BRING AN ALDI TO THIS TOWN! I know all the military families will bring so much business !!!

  29. Melissa Lockemy says:

    Please come to Jefferson Parish -East Bank in Louisiana! Love shopping at Aldi in Germany … would love to be able to shop at Aldi at home!

  30. Lin says:

    Can you Please open one up in Colorado Springs , Colorado I want to move there and one of the main reasons why I’’m not is because there is no ALDI! It’s all I ever shop! Just curious, why no Aldi in central part of US?

  31. Grace says:

    Please please please come to Western SD!!! You’re already in Sioux Falls…Rapid City NEEEEEEEDS Aldi too!

  32. Maureen says:

    Denver needs an Aldi store. We are a big metropolitan area with a lot of health conscious residents 😁

    • Jay says:

      I’ve been saying that for years. I did all my shopping at the Aldi back in Ohio and there’s nothing like it in Denver! They’d dominate the market here if they’d just make the investment to build their distribution chain in Colorado. I even know a great location to consider – there’s an empty Walmart on South Sheridan (right across from a king super that they’d put out of business in no time).

      Hey Aldi, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table by not expanding in the western US!

  33. Jeana says:

    Please come to Coeur D’Alene Idaho!!

  34. Richard says:

    We love ALDI. If you want one n your area, you can contact ALDI right here:

  35. Daniela says:

    I really miss Aldi. I hope that they will open it here in New Mexico.

    • Lee DeFrancesco says:

      New Mexico really needs several Aldi’s! In Albuquerque, Really all over New Mexico! We’re a poor State and a lot of people don’t like shopping at Walmart.

  36. Petra says:

    We need aldi in Idaho, like Boise or Eagle area! Would love to shop there!

  37. Tracey says:

    Can we PLEASSSEEEEE gey an Aldi is Denver, Co!!! I’m orginally from Chicago and miss Aldi as my #1 go to store! Please consider us for ur next store. Bring it here so I can be the store manager and make sure the Aldi brands thrivess!! We so need it here!!

  38. Kimberley says:

    Aldi would definitely have plenty of shoppers in Portland, Oregon!

  39. Wendy says:

    Please come a couple hours out of California to Las Vegas!!!!!

  40. Gina Jones says:

    When Will Aldi’s come to Denver Colorado?would love to shop there!

  41. Andrea D Ralston says:

    Any plans to come to Colorado?

  42. Linda says:

    Dothan, Alabama needs an Aldi’s

  43. Dee says:

    Would love Aldis in the Mission/McAllen Texas area. It would be a great addition to th3 area and used by local population as well as winter texans.

  44. Lani says:

    My daughter moved to Centennial, CO and she wishes that an Aldi will open there soon. She loved shopping at Aldi when she lived in Illinois. They are very affordable and staff are great to people with visual impairment.

  45. Donald Crawford says:

    Aldi: kinda see people post comment about stores elsewhere. But your growth could be real fast in the western part of us and the northwest. So Oregon. Hermiston is an ideal spot. Even for a warehouse in the future.just saying.seniors need great shopping too. Walmart sucks.i noticed u even do not respond to folks comments. Hurry out west.

  46. Scott says:

    Please we desperately need a Aldi’s store in kingman az I miss it terribly loved that store please build one.

  47. Sue Grey says:

    Tucson needs Aldi!!!!!

  48. Robin Simmons says:

    Can we please have 1-year stores in Albuquerque New Mexico we are so sick of Walmart and that’s all we have Kroger’s all the fruit stands have closed down so we have no choice but to go to Walmart please come here

  49. Donald Adams says:

    I miss aldi dearly when we lived in nashville that and trader Joe’s were our go to stores no we just have Joe’s and use walmart or king soopers aka Kroger

  50. Please bring a store to freeport Florida. My husband and myself are moving there. We love Aldi’s

  51. joan harrington says:

    Please come to Portland Oregon!

  52. Viktoria says:

    Please we need an Aldi here in olympia, urgent please please.

  53. Sheryl says:

    Up until 2012 I had never heard of Aldi. In 2012 we moved to the Midwest and our daughter moved to Ireland. Both of us learned about Aldi and grew to love it. My husband and I have since lived back to Washington State and there are no aldis here. It’s very much missed. 😔

  54. Lisa says:

    Please Please Please bring Aldi to Mobile, AL There are stores in other parts of ALabama (The northern parts) but not one in South Alabama
    Thank you,

  55. Deann says:

    Aldi, you are welcome to come to North Muskegon, Michigan. I’d roll out the welcome mat.

  56. Jennifer says:

    Please please please build an Aldi’s in West Mobile area!! I used to do all of my shopping in Arkansas.i moved to Alabama and now I don’t have one close! Family of 6 gets expensive at Walmart!!!

  57. PATRICIA says:

    When in the UK we shopped at Aldi and love it. Where better to expand than Summerlin Las Vegas. We are quality seekers with an eye on value!!! We are your demographic

  58. Paul says:

    We shop WM and Aldi. Aldi is good for most of what it carries. Too much of it is junk food, gadgets and experimental stuff on clearance, but the rest is solid private label processed food, not particularly noteworthy no matter where its made.

    Aldi’s selection of bread is bad. It doesn’t matter how it’s shaped – it’s all the same – generic white flour freezer dough with different coatings. You can’t tell the difference between sandwich bread and “french loaf-shaped bread by taste or texture. They will die before selling rye or pumpernickel that isn’t imported from Germany at twice the cost

    Aldi’s cheese is great but basic minimally processed staples like milk and eggs cost typically 10% more than the same at Walmart in north Chicago suburb.

    What keep me coming back to Aldi is at the head of the first aisle – chocolate. I doubt that it is a coincidence that you need to walk the entire length of their older layout stores to buy it.

  59. Arlene says:

    Seriously, why isn’t Aldi’s showing the western half of the United States any love????? This map is quite frustrating. I grew up with Aldi’s in Indiana and now I live in Arizona so I know what I’m missing!

  60. Eduardo Castillo says:

    It would be nice have here i i Cheyenne Wyoming I sure miss Aldi Store after moving from Indiana.

  61. Susie Richardson says:

    Dothan , Alabama needs an Aldi. It is a huge growing community. There are lots of farming ,factories .This town has Doctors College and several hospitals . This is on route to Panama City Beach with major tourists traveling though.
    Please consider this city in your choices of places for new Aldi stores. It will just be a few hours south of Birmingham.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  62. Valerie Harlacher says:

    Moving from central IL to southern OR we miss Aldi terribly! When my husband was laid off in 1997 they were the only reason I could keep my family fed! I thanked God every day for Aldi! If I could buy a franchise and open my own store in order to get one in my community I would do it for a public service! Not only are the prices amazing, but it cuts down on the time invested in shopping!!! I have told so many people the only decison is do I need this, yes or no? Not, what brand, what size, ect! Aldi, please come to southern Oregon – so many of us have moved from IL, we NEED you!!!

  63. Carol a drake says:


  64. we need a Aldi so bad in Colorado Spring, we have so many German people live here and they all looking for Aldi but there is no Aldi, Aldi we need you so badly.

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