Red Lion Data is one of North America’s largest suppliers of chain store and restaurant location data. Based in Ottawa, Canada

Red Lion Data was founded by Peter Rochon.

Accurate, reliable, high quality location data

Consistently chosen by businesses of all sizes, Red Lion Data is committed to providing value to its customers by recognizing the need for quality data that is available for immediate download.

Our data is widely used in:

• Application mash-ups
• Mobile apps
• Business locator services
• Business directories
• Geo-mapping products and services
• Market and competitive analysis and business intelligence

Up-to-date and priced to sell!

Red Lion Data offers up-to-date data priced to beat any and all competitors. We invite you to give our datasets a try for your business or personal needs.

Custom data

If you don’t see the data you want on our site, just let us know what you need and Red Lion Data will create a custom dataset for you at a very affordable price.

Our customers matter!

Customer service is part of the reason for our success. At Red Lion Data we are completely dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible customer service—after all, our customers are our bread and butter! Feel free to contact us anytime for more information on our datasets.

We value your opinion and welcome your feedback

We want you to come back and to tell others about Red Lion Data. If you can suggest ways for us to make your experience at Red Lion Data better, we’d like to hear about it.