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Canada Post geared up for 2014 Holiday Parcel Frenzy

| Chain Store Map, Location Map, StatsMap | November 5, 2014

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Canada Post’s 6,000 post offices are ready to handle the 2014 holiday onslaught of parcels.

Canada Post Map

Canada Post Location Map – click to view larger map

The 2014 holiday season is right around the corner, and Canada Post has already begun its annual tradition of weekend parcel delivery.

“Last year,  for the first time in its history, Canada Post delivered one million parcels in a single day on two occasions –December 10 and December 17.”  

More than 3,000 seasonal workers have been hired to complement Canada Post’s 49,000 delivery and processing employees. That translates into approximately 2oo,ooo delivery hours across the country over the holiday period.

Delivering two-thirds of all parcels ordered online, Canada Post ensures that retailers keep up with customer demands and that your packages arrive in time for the holidays–from coast to coast to coast.

The bottom line…

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Gloria Sauve
Director of Marketing

Visualizing location data on a map

| Location Map | August 18, 2011

Location datasets can be useful in many ways. One interesting way is visualizing all locations on a country map.

There are many free and premium services that allow you to upload csv files (datasets) and plot the addresses on a map.

Below is Burger King`s 293 Canada locations on a Google map.
Click on the image for a larger view.


Burger King Canada Locations

Burger King Canada Locations


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